Dairy Open Class and Dairy Barn

Mike Ekovich Sr, Phone 219-608-1700
4H Project Superintendent, LaPorte County Dairy Committee Chair

Luke Minich, Phone 765-532-4858
Barn Superintendent

Open Class Entry:

  • Registration: Open Friday, May 31, 2019 — Closes Tuesday, July 9, 2019 @ 12 noon

  • Judging: Begins July 11, 2019 @ 8am

  • Stall Reservations: Due June 1, 2019 to the extension office

  • $4 per stall – Non-refundable, Non-guaranteed payable to LaPorte County 4H Dairy Committee


7. Ayrshire (AYR)

8. Brown Swiss (BS)

9. Guernsey (G)

10. Holstein (H)

11. Jersey (J)

12. Milking Shorthorn (MSH)


  1. Spring Calf – Born after 3-1-19

  2. Winter Calf – Born 12-1-18 to 2-28-19

  3. Fall Calf – Born 9-1-18 to 11-30-18

  4. Summer Yearling – Born 6-1-18 to 8-31-18

  5. Spring Yearling – Born 3-1-18 to 5-31-18

  6. Winter Yearling – Born 12-1-17 to 2-29-18

  7. Fall Yearling – Born 9-1-17 to 11-30-17 (Must be Non-Lactating)

  8. Junior Breed Class Champion – Rosette

  9. Reserve Junior Breed Class Champion – Rosette

  10. Best 3 Junior Females all one bred and at least 1 owned. One entry per exhibitor per breed.

  11. Dry Cow – Any non-Lactating Animal Born Before 2-28-2017

  12. Junior 2 Year Old – Born after 3-1-16 Lactating or Non-Lactating – Best Udder

  13. 2 Year Old – Born 9-1-16 to 2-28-17 – Best Udder

  14. Junior 3 Year Old – Born 3-1-16 to 8-31-16 -  Best Udder

  15. 3 Year Old – Born 9-1-15 to 2-28-16 – Best Udder

  16. 3 Year Old – Born 9-1-14 to 8-31-15 – Best Udder

  17. Aged Cow – Born Before 8-31-14 – Best Udder

  18. Senior Class Champion – Rosette

  19. Reserve Senior Class Champion – Rosette

  20. Best 3 Females, any age, at least one owned, at least on senior, one entry per exhibitor per breed

  21. Produce of Dam, 2 animals of any age, (ET’s are eligible, one entry per exhibitor per breed

  22. Dam and Daughter – 1 entry per exhibitor per breed




  • Animal abuse will not be tolerated.  Violation will result in expulsion from the fair!

  • “Bagging” of lactating cows is not permitted! 

  • All lactating animals must be milked no more than 12 hours before the show begins

  1. Upon arrival you must present proper identifying documents for all entries. “840” ID tags required.  Health papers required for out of state animals.  All animals will be visually inspected for health and temperatures may be taken.  Animals that pose a health risk will not be unloaded and will not be allowed to show or be stalled in the barn! 

  2. Primary stall allocation priority to 4H exhibits secondary allocation for stall fees paid.

  3. NO TRAILERS IN THE BARN AREA AT ANY TIME SUNDAY THRU SATURDAY! No Non-Fair Permitted Vehicles in the barn area between the hours of 8AM and 10PM, Sunday thru Saturday. Violations will result in a fine of $100/hour with all fines payable to the LaPorte County Dairy Committee. 
    a. See the superintendent if you need something brought to the barn between these hours.
    b. Exemptions for medical needs of animals and exhibitors will be considered by committee.
    c. Vehicles without trailers allowed for tack loading only Saturday (times TBA)

    Violations of the Following Rules May Result in fines of $25 payable to the LaPorte County Dairy Committee.

  4. Milking equipment and milk disposal will be provided
    a. Milking area and equipment to be kept sanitary!
    b. No Milk is to be washed down the drain!

  5. Wash Sand and Curbing materials will be provided for committee installation.
    a. A limited supply of wood shavings is also available or you may provide your own bedding.
    b. Mats, stall dividers and attached feeders are allowed provided they are safe for animals and exhibitors.
    c. Stalls are to be cleaned to sand and all bedding is to be removed from the barn.

  6. Grooming chutes may be placed north, east, or south of the dairy barn.  Also in the trailer parking lot on show day.  No animals west of the dairy barn roof line.

  7. Tack should be kept out of the center barn aisle to allow fair guests comfortable viewing of exhibited animals.  Exhibitor’s assigned stalls in the center of the barn will be given extra stalls for tack or split stalls on the outside rows of the barn for tack.  Exhibit Animals, Exhibit Barn, Grooming Areas and Show Arena are to be kept clean.

  8. All exhibited animals must be clearly identified with ownership, name, class, division and lineage.

 Rule discrepancies between 4-H and Open Class to be considered by committee


  1. No restriction on residence for open class entry.

  2. Entry Fee is $5.00 per animal per class, $1.00 per exhibitor for group classes (10, 20, 21, & 22)
    a. Each Entry will be given a card to be presented for placing

  3. Exhibitors must purchase a fair pass ($25) or east gate/trailer parking pass ($25)
    a. Pass Purchase Requirement will be waived for pass holders. Ex. 4H members and volunteers.

  4. Premium Checks will be available for pick up 24 hours after show during normal fair office hours.  You may request that your check be mailed at the time of registration for a $5 fee.
    a. 1st Place in class of 3 or more - $12
    b. 2nd Place in class of 3 or more, or 1st in class of 2 - $10
    c. 3rd place in class of 3 or more, or single entry - $8
    d. 4th place in class of 4 -$6

  5. Open Class Animals may arrive the day of the show and will be released following the show.  Open Class entries are not required to reserve stalls.

  6. Open class dress code prohibits attire that would imply LaPorte County 4H Participation or endanger animals or other exhibitors.